Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I gotta love it!

6:30 a.m. Noooo!
Last/my first semester of college was pretty easy. I slept late (until I got a job) and I enjoyed having free time. That all went bye bye this semester. I'm not complaining you know because it has been a blessing but Lordy if I ain't ready for a break already! It's days like today that I have to stop and remember what exactly am I going for. Not just for school but life. Where do I want to take myself and my sweet husband of course. We both have dreams that we discuss sometimes daily just to recollect. It's a blessing knowing that we can wake up with a new start and not worry about the little things. Yeah, we stress a little with some bills and wonder what will happen next that we can't really afford but in the end I gotta love it because God always provides.
No one could have ever prepared me enough of the difficulties a wife faces. Gladly I am not a mother yet so I have no clue about that. But, the stress, the shopping, the preparing, the making sure he brushed his teeth and has everything he needs for a successful day, the cooking, the cleaning, the countless chores and errands that must be done in order for yourself to have a productive day on top of school and work. Inhale. Exhale. Bed time. And half your "To Do's" didn't even get touched.
Oh how I love my marriage and it's challenges. Waking up to him and knowing we have a new day and that God is in control makes all the difference. I GOTTA LOVE IT!! <3

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